3DModel of Dignified & Wood

In the Above ground part, I want to show the word - Dignified. The cross has been widely used in religion, and it gives people a dignified feeling. In the underground part, I want to show the word - Wood. This model shows as if the grass cross grows from the wood cross which under water. I done this model in computing lab. It is because there are no internet in my house. I do not have the software. After I got the internet, I will edit all the pictures and text. I hope my teacher can mark my work after that.
Oh, I totally misunderstand this task. I will redo all the work.


Rosalie Gascoigne - Rocky Road II (1996 )

Block, Rely, Unregular.

Fiona Hall - When My Boat Comes in (2002)

Contrast, Corrode, Dignified.

Tracey Moffat - Up in the Sky (1998)

Hope, Watch, Black.


My Travle in Sydney - Lake in Wollongong

This was my first time travle around Sydney. My landlord took me to a lake in Wollonggone. I don't know the name of this lake. A man and his son is fishing, and I took this warm photo.

The Hawke Building at the University of South Australia (John Wardle Architects)

The Hawke Building at the University of South Australia is one of the most significant works to show John Wardle Architects’ design on the surface of a building. The most absorbing part of this building is its muscular northern facade which fronting North Terrace.

JWA uses three main materials on the skin: incised concrete, steel adornment and sapphire glasses. The surface of the incised concrete board is not flat. It has little inclinations and a light groove. By this design, light and shadow change the appearance of the surface over the day.

These two paragraphs is took from one of my artcle about John Wardle Architects. All the photos was took by me also. I think the Hawke Building at the University of South Australia is the most famous modern building in Adelaide.

My work - Coffe Outlet

This was one of my task when I studied in Bradford Colledge. The task was to design a coffe outlet before Bradford Colledge. This 3D model was done by using Sketchup 5. I put some openning slashs on the wall to decorated the skin of this building and be the keu point of using natural light. This idea came from Daniel Libeskind's design in Jewish Museum.