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Above is my Sketchup 3D model link. I couldn't upload it in my computer, so I came back to Red Centre to upload it. My animation on YouTobe use the wrong tag, I will edit them when the server got fixed.

Original Section & Texture





Original Section

Animation 7

Animation 6

Animation 5

Final Model part 3

Final Model part 2

This is my final developed model. The upground space is designed for Rosalie Gascoigne. I pick up the word relay which comes from Rosalie's work Rocket Road II to design this part. The underground space is designed for Fiona Hall. I pick up the word corrode which comes from Fiona's work When my boat comes in to design this part.

Last Model


Animation 4

Animation 1

Animation 3

Animation 2


Try YouTube - SketchUp Section Animation

Developed Model 2 part2

This is my Second developed model. The upground part shows the word block. The underground
part shows the word corrode. I change the underground part in one of my sections to be the upground part., and use the underground part in another section to form this model.

Developed Model 2 part1

EXP1 part6 Developed Model 1 part2

The word I pick up for the upground part is relay. The word I pick up for the underground part is corrode. My model is different from my section. It is because my tutor told me that the underground part of my section does not show the word relay very well.

EXP1 part6 Developed Model 1 part1