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Final UT Model: http://files.filefront.com/13919832

Draft Model 1,2, & 3: http://files.filefront.com/DM+ARCH1101+EXP3+3280179+trar/;13919747;/fileinfo.html

SketchUp Model: http://files.filefront.com/DM+ARCH1101+EXP3+3280179+pzip/;13919754;/fileinfo.html

File name on Warehouse: DM-ARCH1101_EXP3_3280179_Xiaonan_Quan_SketchUp.skp

Images of Final UT Model Part.3

The elevator between Madona's space and meeting space express a strong power of movement.

Images of Final UT Model Part.2

This space is designed for Madona. It has a vivid colour in the space to express Madona's personality. The reason why a song can be pop is because it has a beautiful but simple melody, so people can hum. Thus, I make this builing has a clear and simple structure. The black columns make people think about Madona's live. The stairs is used to express the power of confidence and wild ambitions.

Images of Final UT Model Part.1

This space is designed for Prada. I use struceture as decoration just like Prada did in the purse design. Prada said she would make her design as simple and natural as possible. This space has a simple form and use the nature light adequately. The use of the sunlight express a power of nature. Designers get inspiration from nature and try to express the beauty of nature.

Draft UT Model 1-3

Draft Model 3

Draft Model 2

Draft Model 1

Downlod Link for Draft Model 1 & 3. I think I had delete the draft model 2.

SketchUp Model

Draft Table 2

Elevator 1

Elevator 2

Download Link for my SketchUp work for EXP3.