Beside Prince's Canal, Amsterdam, May...

Boats on the Prinsengracht ( Prince's Canal)

A painting depicting Amsterdam as of 1544

A bird's-eye view of Amsterdam's city center

Satellite image of Amsterdam

Wich story is most interesting?

Frans Van Mieris, A Lady Looking in a Mirror, 1670

Gerard Ter Borch, A Lady Reading a Letter, 1662-2 (Oil on canvas, 44.4*32.8cm)

Johannes Vermmer, A Girl Reaing at an Open Window, 1657 (Oil on canvas, 83*64.5cm)

Jan Steen, The Village School, 1670 (Oil on Canvas, 83.8*109.2cm)

Johannes Vermmer, A Painter in his Studio, 1666-7 (Oil on canvas, 120*100cm)

Johannes Vermmer, Allegory of Faith, 1672-3, (Oil on canvas, 113*88cm)

Johannes Vermmer, The Astronomet, 1668 (Oil on canvas,50*45cm)

Johannes Vermmer, The Geographer, 1668 (Oil on canvas, 53*46.6cm)

Johannes Vermmer, The Music Lesson, 1662 (Oil on canvas, 73.7*64.1cm)

Pieter De Hooch, At the Linen Closet, 1663 (Oil on canvas, 72*77.5cm)

Pieter De Hooch, The Courtyard of a House in Delft, 1658 (Oil on canvas, 73.5*60cm)

Pieter De Hooch, The Pantry (Oil on canvas, 65*60.5cm)