Material & Method II

The second work I picked up is Rocky Road II, which created by Rosalie Gascoigne in 1996. In this work, I think Rosalie Gascoigne want to describe people's personal creativity and freedom in business society. He cut the soft drink crates into pieces. Rather than puting these small wood blocks in regular way which could reducethe the gap between them, Rosalie Gascoigne put them irregularly on plywood. Then, there are lot of aperture between them which add some dark lines and points to the narmony nature wood color. Moreover, some timer blocks rely on each other make the image more colorful and harmony.

Material & Method

I picked up Fiona Hall's work - When my boat comes in for finding some inspiration. This work was exhibited in the 3rd Auckland Triennial, 2002. Fiona Hall said that she want to unravel that plants can grow moneyin this work. In the past, plants and labor were transport all over the world through boat. Now, everything has a prize. In order to respect the contribution done by plants to the development of golobal economy in this work, Fiona drawed a tender leaf on bank notes. The black leaf looks as if the it is corrodeing to the money just like ink. The complex venation on black leaf was painted in gold and it contrasts to the dark. However, the whole picture looks harmony. I really like the color using in this work. It looks like some curio that can remind people's memory.


Developed Modle

I rebuilt my modle totally. This time I made the size and the sacle more valid. However, I only finished the above ground part of my building which represent the word rely. My computer was really slow when building this modle. I think I must continue the modle at Uni. Moreover, I did not add much texture and details of material now, I put it to be this week's task.